From Nicole and Brooke’s Book Club Members

From Amy:

Hello I’m Amy, and this is Eila, Krysta, and Ella. All of us got to know Nicole as friends of Brooke’s in elementary school and through our mother daughter book club.

We often liked to get together for sleepovers at Brooke’s house Something that I personally remember about Nicole besides all of the things that we did together in 4-H and the book club is that when I came over to the Thomson’s, she would often take Brooke, Jada and I out to the Chinese buffet because she didn’t like cooking and we shared a love of Chinese food. No matter what might have been troubling me on those days, spending a fun hour eating with Nicole and her family would lift my spirits.

The most important thing I think I learned from Nicole is to not be afraid to do what is most important to you in your life. Nicole may have lived a short life but she clearly touched a lot of people.

Thank you Nicole for letting me get to know you.

From Eila:

Nicole was such a generous person. She would always offer her help. For Nicole it wasn’t enough to just be there for all of us, she looked out for us. For example, she always would remind us to come to her at work in Mayfair mall if we ever needed anything. She was always thinking of others and how she could help them in anyway.

From Krysta:

I remember Nicole as one of the most kind and caring people I’ve ever met. Whenever I’d visit the Thomson home she would always be so welcoming and full of laughter. She gave so much joy to everyone around her, and I always loved how she’d be willing to offer help to anyone who needed it. Nicole was someone I looked up to, as she was so kind-hearted and understanding of those around her.

From Ella:

I have known Nicole for 8 years and throughout all those years she truly lived by the words “life is beautiful.” Even when I was in grade 1, I remember her enthusiastic and welcoming spirit putting a smile on my face. Nicole was like a second mother to me and because of her I will always remember to appreciate life’s beauty and will try to take everything that life throws at me with the same strength, integrity and courage as she did.

In the poem, “In Blackwater Woods,” Mary Oliver says:

“To live in this world you must be able to do three things:

To love what is mortal,

To hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it;

And, when the time comes to let it go,

To let it go.”

This is exactly what Nicole did. We will never forget her on her smile and we will always keep our memories of her in our hearts.

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