From Scott, Brooke & Jada

One year since your passing. I wish to celebrate your life and legacy rather than the day you passed. A year filled with ups and downs. I am greatful for you making me promiss to move forward in life and be happy. Some people would like me to be miserable for years but I refuse to live life that way, we never did. We had a great life together and 2 beautiful girls that I will cherish forever. You always said we think our situation was sad but other people around us are in worse situations. One of my new co-workers, 30 years old, his wife has brain cancer, 2 operations already no children and married for only a few years. That is a tragedy, we had 20 beautiful years together and memories to cherish for a lifetime. You made me promiss daily to move forward in life not only for myself but for the girls as well. They need a mother figure in their life, a friend who will not judge them but continue to love them unconditionally. I know you had a role is bringing Collette into our lives so thank you. I hope and pray Heaven is everything you wished it to be. Always cherished, never forgotten. Love your family.

From Mom and Dad Thomson

Hi sweet girl, It is Boxing Day and we had a wonderful celebration on Christmas day with all the family. We miss you so much but have wonderful memories of you at this time of year and how much you loved Christmas. We hope you have a beautiful season with all the other very special angels with you in heaven.
Mr. Griswold has been at it again as you can see. You can spot your home from a long way as it is once again very bright with lights. Poppa thanks you for his chocolates and has eaten just about every one already! You sure know his weakness!
We know you are extremely proud of Scott, Brooke and Jada as they are trying to move forward with their lives but always with you in their hearts. Love you always and forever!!

From Mom and Dad

dear sweet beautiful daughter
it’s been a year now since your last Christmas with us, you will be so missed this year as we go to Victoria to celebrate Christs’ birth with Scott, Brooke and Jada and the Thomson family. You will be constantly on our minds.
All our love, hugs and kisses. As our tears flow, we know they for us, who miss you so as we know you are in such a beautiful place now.

2012 4-H Award Winner: Madison Kyrt

The South Malahat 4-H District would like to announce the winner of the Nicole Thomson Memorial Award. This year’s candidate is Madison Kyrt, a member of the Saanich Peninsula Beef and Swine Club, who is 12 years old and attends Royal Oak Middle School. Madison’s project was a piggy named Maui. Next year, Maui will be bred, and Madison will show her and her piglets as her project. We hope that you will go to the Saanich Fair and see Madison and her pigs. I’m sure that she would love to know that you are aware that she won Nicole’s award for this year. Introduce yourself to her and let her know that you are a friend of Nicole Thomson.

For details of the Nicole Thomson Memorial Award, click here.

From Scott

Christmas is fast aproaching, Your favorite time of year. I am sure you can see our house from Heaven. The girls did a fabulous job decorating the tree and inside, You would be very proud of their skills, After all they had the Christmas Professional as their teacher. We all miss you and think of you many times daily hoping Heaven is everything you wished it to be. Love You, Merry Christmas.

From Susanne

Hey Nic, Thinking about you lots lately. I know how much you like the Autumn season. The leaves are beautiful right now; reds, yellows, bright oranges. I think of you when I see the colors. I miss you a ton. I still feel so numb and can’t believe you’re gone….I just can’t wrap my head around it…

xoxo Susanne

From Scott

Happy Anniversary Nic, 18 years it would have been. Life is very different, that is for sure. Friends have come and gone and a new chapter has begun. Lots of support still which is great and the girls are happy. Jada is taller than Brooke now and boyfriends have begun, oh the horror. Hope Heaven is everything you wanted it to be, and you are with friends and family. Say Hi to Monkey for me as well. I have continued to live as you made me promise but we miss you evereyday but still feel your presence in the decisions I make. Miss you buns. Love Always Scott, Brooke and Jada.xoxo

From Fi

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend!! Miss you so much. I think about you everyday and still look into the mall everytime I pass (which is everyday). Don’t think I could ever stop. Love you xoxo

From Dad and Mom T.

Hi beautiful girl! As Jada said it has been 6 mos. since we lost you but we think of you every day. The family is in Osooyos doing what you do every year and we are sure you are watching over them and keeping them safe. Poppa and I are feeding Juniper, Velvie, Bob Marley and Cloe and Newman, of course, is with the family. I think it is very warm there right now so the girls will be spending a lot of time in the lake. We miss you so much and love you always and forever!!

From your daughter, Jada

Hey mom. Do you know what tomorrow is? It will mark exactly half a year since you passed. Time seems to fly. Were leaving for Osoyoos tomorrow and I’m sure the ride will
be the same with me complaining every five minutes. I don’t mow if we will spread your ashes. I sure hope we will. I love you so much. We will be up there for your birthday, so I know I will nag dad to make a cake until the cows come home. As dad said, Brooke has a boyfriend. She is braiding my hair as we speak and is being quite annoying as usual. We don’t fight as often anymore, well at least, I can’t tell. Grade 7 in 2 months and 10 for Brooke. Wow. Brooke’s on the double digits now. Scary. Sonn she can drive. were reading Delirium in book club right now and so far, so good. Book club has been strange with out you but, we’ve made peace with it. Anyways, I miss you and love you so much. You were the best mom anyone could ask for. Thank you for always being there for me and loving me unconditionally. Love you <3