From Scott

Happy Mothers Day Hun. we miss you everyday, a void which will never be filled. We know and feel that you are watching over us. The girls are good. Brooke has a boyfriend and loves rowing and the new friends she has made. Jada has started boot camp and is enjoying it as well. I hope things are beautiful in Heaven and one day we will be together again. Going to spread your ashes in Osoyoos later this month. Our new trailer should be here this week. Trying to move forward in life, some great days some sad. You definately find out who your true friends are during this journey. Miss you , love you, Scott Brooke and Jada.

From Susanne Davis

Thinking of you today Nicole …. Everything reminds me of you: when I hear music by BNL, Coldplay, Van Halen, Nora Jones, when I walk bare foot on the grass(you hated bare feet!) when I see someone and their chapstick(lol) Starbucks(safe to say you’re addicted) Pugs, Scooters driven in Parksville, and every time I walk into a garden center, you’re there. I can still hear your laugh. Miss you.

From Karen Wright

Susanne and I talked about Mother’s Day, and how it would be hard for all of your family this year. And every year, I’m sure. You have two amazing girls, be very proud of that.

I miss you so much and when I look at the pictures on this site I feel like the wind is knocked out of me, that it isn’t possible that you’re gone. I still can not wrap my head around it and I have so many thoughts of you every day. A hole, a great big empty hole. I feel so sad and then I remember all the good times and how lucky I was to have you in my life. I love you, and I’m so grateful for the friendship that we shared. XO

From Mom and Dad Thomson

It has been three months since your passing dear one, and we think of you every day as we watch your girls and see so much of you in them. Brooke is becoming quite a young lady. She is doing well at school and her love of rowing seems to have carried her through the sad times……..a great way for her to get rid of her frustrations and anger. Jada is doing well at school also and is our little social butterfly. There is no end to the friends she has, just like her mommy, and all the moms have been so good to her. Scott is back at work, which is much better for him. He misses you terribly but as you know, doesn’t like being alone. Thank heavens for wonderful friends. We hope you are at peace and happy in your new journey as a beautiful angel watching over us. We shall meet again sweet girl!!! Love always!! Mom and Dad T.

From Your Loving Husband

Two months have gone by now since I lost you to Heaven. The void in my heart and life still remains. So many wonderful and beautiful times shared together as a couple ,family and with friends. We take everything for granted until we are faced with cancer and sickness. I love you with all I am, my soul, my being. I know I have a job left to do here on earth, raising our beautiful children and you will help guide us from above. Thank you for the gift of God, whom without I would be a total mess. Nic you were a teacher on how to truly live and appreciate life, what is important and what is trivial. Love most important of all, we had that, Hope for tomorrow and Faith, without it we would be lost. One day when it is time we will meet again, the second greatest day of my life, the first was May 2/1992 when I first held you and new I never wanted to let go. Today I still hold onto you in memories and spirit, You are with us I feel it in my heart and home. Life is Beautiful just not as beautiful without you by my side. We love you sooooo much! Love forever Scott, Brooke and Jada.

From Lori, Dru, Jamie & Matthew

So saddened by the loss of such a wonderful person and mommy, what we will always carry with us about Nicole is her wonderful love for life, and what an amazing mother, she was to Brooke and Jada, her love of her family was obvious in everything she did. To know Nicole was to love Nicole! Our thoughts and prayers are with you Scott, Brooke and Jada, as well as her family and friends and everyone else who Nicole touched with her kindness and strength.

Life is beautiful.

~Lori, Dru, Jamie & Matthew

From Devon

Life is Beautiful – Thinking of you Nic and what your life meant to so many people. Love Dev

Your Husband

We’ll hun I got the Tattoo at Union yesturday and I felt you with me the entire time. We said we would go together but never made it physically. It turned out beautiful, Mataio did a great job. Life is beautiful was done the same as yours and the pancreatic cancer ribbon in moave with faith, love and hope. Your initials are above. I love it and will cherish it for the rest of time on Earth until we meet in Heaven holding hands on the beach in Paradise. I love you and never will forget you and the gifts you gave all of us.

From Debbie Copp-Robertson

Having worked with Nic for 17 years there are so many wonderful memory’s. As a co-worker Nic was the best!!! So efficient,knowledgeable,helpful,organized, and cheerful. Nic was the heart of Mayfair Dental . Everyone came to her with everything and she handled it all well. She’d always go the extra mile for you.

Now as a friend she was even more amazing. She was the first one to come see Jenna in the hospital the day she was born. The first one to come see me bearing starbucks when I broke my ankle in a car accident. The thing is she did that type of thing for everyone. I have no idea where she found the time but she always did.

We cruised together, multiply girls shopping trips to Bellingham, Salt Spring, Langley, Kingkisher Spa in Courtney. There were countless laps around Elk Lake sharing quality girl talk where Nic always had the best advise about everything.

In one of our conversations we talked about what we would do if we won the lottery. I said before I’d buy a house or car I’d get a personnel secretary, cook ,driver etc. I’d get people. So after that I’d always call her my people and she was. . Whenever we went anywhere she would organize everything and drive. I’d just have go along for the ride and have a blast. Just like she organized all our trips at work. I was always in awe of her ablity to organize anything and everything so well.

Her strength and postive attitude in the last few months blew me away. The number of lives she touched and impacted in such a postive way is so amazing. She has been gone a month and I still can’t believe it. She has set such a wonderful example on how to live life to the fullest and I thank her that. She is such and inspiration and I feel so blessed to have known her.

Love From Your Soulmate

Happy Valentines Day Beautiful. Almost been a month since you went to Heaven. I feel you are with me everyday in the decissions I make and how I feel. I don’t know if anyone will ever know how close we were except you and God. I think I am hurting so much because we were like one soul in the end. When the bible says two become one in marraige that is exactly how I feel. The last 5 months we talked more than the last 2 years. Everyday we spent together and didn’t like being apart, I will cherish that feeling for the rest of my life on earth until we are together again in Heaven. I knew from the moment we met, you were it for me. Just like your Journel said” May 4/1992 I can’t beleive I am on a cruise, I met the man of my dreams today his name is Scott Thomson, He is everything I have alaways wanted and been lookin for, I am in Love” I felt the same way and have been blessed with 20 beautiful years and 2 wonderful daughters I will forever cherish. I love you and miss you. Until we meet again!

Your loving husband Scott