From Kim McKeeman

My friendship with Nicole started 17 years ago while working at the front desk at Mayfair Dental Centre. We enjoyed working on the same team for last 8 years for Dr. Stankoven because our strengths complimented one another.

We called ourselves “Frick n Frack” Our patients would comment how much we sounded like each other on the telephone. Nic was supportive, structured and routine oriented while at work. One day while we were problem solving together she commented “Kimba…think of it like removing a band-aid and just rip it off! My reply was…”ouch that would be painful …I prefer to remove a band-aid slowly , one hair at a time” We always giggled about our different approaches to our work flow and yet we got the job done together always. I admired what an extraordinary woman Nicole is as she set out her personal goals and yet remained available to her family and friends so readily. I have a beautiful life moment memory with Nicole back in the Spring of 2011 as we walked with my 6mos old in the stroller around Rithets Bog. As we chatted away I suddenly found myself telling her how much I trusted her and how I admired her many fine qualities and thanked her for making me feel special all the time. I strived to achieve her “get it done” attitude and the way she would point out the beauty around her. She became quiet and walked along in silence and said “aww you are going to make me cry!” She also commented on how beautiful the sounds of the birds were at the Bog and she must bring Brooke and Jada here to take some photos. I will always remember Nic saying she liked the philosophy quote “it is your perception that creates your reality” Nicole was highly aware that one’s perception is a choice, she would often share an uplifting perspective with those around her. I miss my dear friend and I made a promise to myself that I would stop and recall Nic’s perspective whenever my viewpoint needs refocusing. Thank you Nic for being a wonderful friend.

Love Kimba

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