From Husband, Scott Thomson

Nic, I can definitely say life is not as beautiful without you in it. I remember walking down Waikiki Beach during a gorgeous sunset 6 months ago holding hands and saying could our lives be any better. You replied I don’t think so, we have a wonderful marriage, two beautiful girls, a great home and of course Newman the pug. Then our world changed, leaving the Doctors office just having found out you had Cancer which had spread, the first words you said were I am sorry hun and what about the girls. Once again you were more concerned for the people around you than your own well being. You are  the strongest most independent and stoic human being I have, or will ever have met. When we learned the cancer was not curable after two months and being miss diagnosed three times I was crushed, cried and sobbed uncontrollably yet you just held me and said you were sorry. You never once cried, said why me, in fact you said why not me. Cancer picks the person and it is what you choose to do and how you live which determines your legacy in life. Nicole became an inspiration to everyone around her from Doctors, Nurses, friends and family. She said I have had a great life, short but beautiful. She said she could have been killed in a car accident and would never have the chance to tell the people in her life just how she felt about then. She was given hand made quilts from friends and the 4-h community celebrating her life and what she meant to each person. That was a gift from heaven she called TIME. To know how people thought of you and the imprint you left on them is and will be your legacy. The last 6 months were the hardest in our lives  so many ups and downs with pain and suffering, but also the most rewarding. We have always had an amazing marriage but we became so much closer emotionally and spiritually throughout this journey. We could think each others thoughts and finish off sentences. I asked what I could do as I felt so completely lost and useless. You said “Just promise to be with me”, I was with you everyday in this journey holding your hand caring for you as best I could until you took your last breath. The last 20 years have been the best in our lives. We both new back on the first night we met on the Ecstasy Cruise ship that we had found our soul mates in each other. We left the group of friends and went and talked for 6 hours on the other end of the ship. You said tell me about yourself, It felt like we had known each other our whole lives. We never had a first date, just right into a relationship that carried us to today. Ship Board Romance Nic’s mom called it we will see. Still takes flak on that one.

Nicole was the most well rounded human being I  will ever meet. She has the qualities which make you and everyone else around her a better person. I thank her everyday for making me a better father, husband, lover and soul mate. You taught me what is truly important in life:  Love , Faith and Hope. Love most important of all, Don’t be afraid to tell someone you love them, don’t fear rejection and say it every day. Faith because without it we are lost. Nic’s faith is what got her through this, she knew where she was going and how beautiful it would be. She didn’t want to leave me and the girls but said she would become our guardian angel and always be with us. We never said good-bye to each other just until we see each other again. Nic always felt you didn’t need to go to church to have Faith. Nic said your relationship with God is what you want it to be. She thanked God every morning for what we had, the beauty in nature, home we created and of course our family and friends. She never forced religion on anyone but if you wanted to ask questions or talk she was there for you. Hope was the last because we all need hope in our lives for tomorrow and our children’s future.

Nic’s favorite moment in life was giving birth to her two beautiful girls Brooke and Jada. She was never more proud than to be called mom. Nic always said I just don’t want to be their mom but their best friend as well. I want them to come to me with problems about school or relationships or just to talk about their dreams and aspirations in life. We wanted an open house that our children’s friends could come over to hang out or talk. Nic wanted to be the cool mother who was there to help them in whatever capacity she could. I think we achieved that!

Nic’s life changed profoundly after doing the “Weekend to End Breast Cancer”. A 60 mile walk thru the streets of Vancouver over a two day period. Hardest and most rewarding experience of her life to be shared with her best friend Karen Wright. Their team raised fourteen thousand dollars towards the fight. Nicole realized her potential in life and how much more she could accomplish. She crewed the walk the following 2 years and has always supported the CIBC Run for the Cure as well. She was always willing to volunteer her time at school doing lunch forms and finally running the South Malahat 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Club.  The Saanich fair was her favorite time, meeting people and showing our own kids just what they are capable of, thru public speaking, showmanship and just taking pride in each other and their animals.

She wanted to let everyone know just how much potential we all have and that we can make a difference in our lives as well as others.

I have been blessed to be married to such an inspirational and giving wife. To you Nic’ I promise to continue to grow too as a father, parent and friend to our kids. To learn better patience and to keep building on the skills you have blessed us with.

You will continue to live on in Brooke and Jada. I see parts of you in each of them and look forward to see them flourish into teen angers, women and mothers. I love Brooke’s Quote:

“Don’t look to far into the past, nor too far in the future, be grateful for what we have because it could change at any moment.”

Nic’s words to live by are ‘Life is Beautiful” and the “Cup is always half Full” You need to look for the good in everything, just like the way she approached her cancer. She was able to show how to have Dignity and become an inspiration to others on how to battle this disease. These imprints will be left on all our lives and can never be taken away.

I will miss your smile and laugh, your beauty on the inside and out. Christmas was your favorite time of year. That’s why you were called the “Christmas Professional”. We always did the Grizwalds Justice. I will miss our nightly walks with Newman holding hands and flipping for who got to carry the poop bag. Most of all I will miss your hugs, and how gorgeous you are. The last thing I looked at at night and the first thing I awoke to in the morning. Held hands every night until we fell asleep. No better feeling in the world.

Nic We love you and miss you every minute. Heaven must have needed a new Angel and I can think of no one better and more deserving than you. You led the perfect life and I am proud to be your soul mate, best friend and love of your life. Taken to soon and never to be forgotten.  Love Scott

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