From Friend, Rob Heppell

Good afternoon, my name is Rob Heppell; I will be MC for this celebration of life service.

This afternoon we are here to honour the life of Nicole Thomson.  It is our wish that every part of this ceremony will reflect a life well lived among us.

I am sure you would like to join me in saying to Nicole’s husband, Scott, daughter’s Brooke and Jada, parents Carole and Tony, and their families that you are in our thoughts and prayers because of your loss. [Read more…]

From Lorna Stankoven


 Hello my name is Lorna Stankoven, my husband Bill Stankoven has worked with Nicole for over 17 years, and Bill and I also pastor a home church.  I have had the blessing of knowing Nicole over the past 17 years as part of the Mayfair family, as a friend and also on a spiritual level.    She was an amazing woman of faith, hope and love.  She thanks her dad for instilling in her a faith when she was young, going to youth group taught her right from wrong, and gave her such a great foundation on which to build her faith on. [Read more…]

From Uncle, Stan Chartier

A Chartier Family Tribute To Nicole

I am NICOLE, SCOTT, BROOKE and JADA’s  uncle Stan.

I am honored to pay tribute to our niece on behalf of the Chartier Family, and be allowed to say a few words to celebrate the life of Nicole. Our hearts pour out to the family in there time of loss. The times  spent with Nicole will be cherished forever. I have known Nicole from the day she was born and realy enjoyed watching  her grow from a child to a young lady and a mother. there were family gatherings with Nicole and all her cousins. [Read more…]

From Friend, Janet Varga

My name is Janet and I am honored to say that Nicole was my friend.

She was one of my treasured friends. The kind of friend that when you see each other you could just pick up where you left off.  We would do that with each other no matter how much time had passed. We could immediately get down to it. We could share feelings of what was going on with all aspects of our life.  Our marriages, children, work and our own ”stuff” we liked to call it. We often would hug and say our goodbye knowing weren’t alone in our thinking. I will cherish those visits. Nicole always inspired me and encouraged me and will continue to do so always. [Read more…]

From Father-in-law, Norm Thomson

Thank you, for being here today. Your presence represents the person Nicole is.

I am Norm Thomson, Scott’s father, and my wife’s name is Betty.  We have been the most fortunate people ever, to have welcomed this woman into our family.

Betty and I wish to give you a brief background of our experience with Nic, some thoughts and a few memories. [Read more…]

From Boss, Bill Stankoven

Hello  My name is Bill Stankoven and I am fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Nicole for the past 17 years.

Seventeen wonderful years filled with laughter, tears, joy, sadness, fun times and endless Starbucks runs.

Nicole was a bright shining star in our office.  She brought peace, stability, and a grounding to my practice. Nicole was so sensitive to her coworkers needs; always willing to lend a helping hand, providing an encouraging word when someone was down, or even pulling someone’s chair out while they were sitting in it and telling them it was time to go have a break. Nicole could never watch anyone in the office struggle. It was her nature to always go and help. [Read more…]

From Friend, Claire McCutcheon

My name is Claire and I met Nicole when Brooke and my daughter Ella started grade one at Frank Hobbs. Brooke and Ella were instant friends as were their little sisters, Jada and Charlotte and so started many years of friendship for our families. Nic and I spent hundreds of hours at play dates, carpooling, on the sidelines of soccer, horseback riding, swimming, band concerts and other school events and, of course, 4H. We found our own activities too – ballet classes, family ski trips and dancing at 2am after ‘small amounts’ of tequila. When our girls got to grade 4 we set up the mother daughter book clubs and loved the opportunity to watch our beautiful girls tackle important issues and celebrate together at the insights they gained. This also gave us an opportunity as mothers to share our hopes and dreams – and yes, sometimes our fears – of raising daughters. [Read more…]

From Nicole and Jada’s Book Club Members

Hello. I’m speaking for Jada’s friends who are part of a Mother Daughter Book Club that started about 2 years ago.

This is what Jada and her friends and their moms do at the club. The hosting mother and daughter choose a book that everyone reads and in about 4-6 weeks, they have a get-together at the hosting mother and daughter’s house and discuss the book. The activities are usually answering questions, eating food and doing an activity that is all related to the book. [Read more…]

From Nicole and Brooke’s Book Club Members

From Amy:

Hello I’m Amy, and this is Eila, Krysta, and Ella. All of us got to know Nicole as friends of Brooke’s in elementary school and through our mother daughter book club.

We often liked to get together for sleepovers at Brooke’s house Something that I personally remember about Nicole besides all of the things that we did together in 4-H and the book club is that when I came over to the Thomson’s, she would often take Brooke, Jada and I out to the Chinese buffet because she didn’t like cooking and we shared a love of Chinese food. No matter what might have been troubling me on those days, spending a fun hour eating with Nicole and her family would lift my spirits. [Read more…]

From Husband, Scott Thomson

Nic, I can definitely say life is not as beautiful without you in it. I remember walking down Waikiki Beach during a gorgeous sunset 6 months ago holding hands and saying could our lives be any better. You replied I don’t think so, we have a wonderful marriage, two beautiful girls, a great home and of course Newman the pug. Then our world changed, leaving the Doctors office just having found out you had Cancer which had spread, the first words you said were I am sorry hun and what about the girls. [Read more…]