From Kim Pears

I first met Nicole almost seven years ago when I was hired at Mayfair Dental Centre,and she has been an amazing co-worker and very dear friend ever since.

At Mayfair Dental,she was the first person you see as you enter our office as her desk was placed right at the front door. She greeted all of our staff and patients with her warm and genuine smile everyday.

Nic’s professionalism and work ethic were always present, and she was extremely efficient and reliable. She somehow always maintained a very positive attitude,and her calm and confident demeanor led our staff, as well as our patients.

She was always happy,and loved to laugh. She was there for all her coworkers,through the good times,and the bad.

The girls at Mayfair Dental are quite a close knit group…we are a sisterhood when at our best, and she was our heart and soul.

Some memories of Nic that I will personally will always cherish include our daily chats over our americanos,our multiple lunch and shopping dates,taking our beloved pugs(Newman and Tug) for walks together,going to see U2 together in concert, and dancing all night at every Mayfair dental Christmas party(then sharing laughs about it the next morning over brunch).

I have admired and respected her since the first day we met at the office, and I will cherish our friendship always.

Her life was truly beautiful,and I am forever grateful for every moment that she shared with me.

Thank you Nic.

I will love you always,


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