From Mom and Dad Thomson

It has been three months since your passing dear one, and we think of you every day as we watch your girls and see so much of you in them. Brooke is becoming quite a young lady. She is doing well at school and her love of rowing seems to have carried her through the sad times……..a great way for her to get rid of her frustrations and anger. Jada is doing well at school also and is our little social butterfly. There is no end to the friends she has, just like her mommy, and all the moms have been so good to her. Scott is back at work, which is much better for him. He misses you terribly but as you know, doesn’t like being alone. Thank heavens for wonderful friends. We hope you are at peace and happy in your new journey as a beautiful angel watching over us. We shall meet again sweet girl!!! Love always!! Mom and Dad T.

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