From Valerie Blanchette

Nicole what can I say, the best 11 years I had worked in a dental office were shared with you ~ I never knew the last time I saw you, that it would be the last time ~ and until recently on the day in fact, I have to say I am still in shock and words didn’t come easily for me.. I spoke with Beverly who I can say without hesitation, is amazing beyond words, I know you didn’t want anyone to hurt, to cry, to wonder why! but I admit, I didn’t pass any of those tests.. she was strong, such an amazing friend! Well, before long, she made me realize that because of you, we have so much to be thankful for. I can also say without hesitation that because of you, many of us are better people, but I hope this doesn’t sound selfish, but I really do hope that you took a piece of all of us with you, because I feel like you will always be a huge part of me and the way I look at life from here on in has completely changed. I will never again take for granted the gifts I have been given. Yes! Life is Beautiful and the glass will always be half full for me for sure.

I have been asked to post something and with honor again, no hesitation.. I admittedly sat for many an hour trying to think of the words how to place them, I deleted many times.. but as you know I love to write, and I am stubborn too, risky combination, I know you’ve read a story or two of mine already, and even though you are not here with us, I pray these words reach you.. so with many tears, (they are happy ones, I promise you), I wrote this short poem in memory of you.. I love you Nicole and I miss you, but I have to say I am so blessed that each time since my return to BC that I have come into Mayfair, I was welcomed by you and one of your hugs.. what am I to do without you?.. but remember how lucky my life was to spend so many years with you!

I honor the time I was given with you, and respect the amazing person that you were.. so much!

Life is Beautiful & The Glass Half Full
Written for Nicole
with so much love and admiration
Always Valerie —-X-:

That cold day in January the wind whispered her name
It said come with me my friend, in heaven there is no pain.
You left so many memories; you touched so many hearts
You showed us “Life is Beautiful”; it’s not the end, it’s where it starts.
You will never be forgotten, your legacy has gravitational pull
On earth and in heaven, we’ll remember you when the “glass is half full”.
Your time here was shortened; you were taken much too soon.
I will always remember what you left behind, when memories fill the room.
Today I lit a candle and I whispered out your name…
I will miss you Nicole Thomson,
“Life is Beautiful” until we meet again…

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