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We’ll hun I got the Tattoo at Union yesturday and I felt you with me the entire time. We said we would go together but never made it physically. It turned out beautiful, Mataio did a great job. Life is beautiful was done the same as yours and the pancreatic cancer ribbon in moave with faith, love and hope. Your initials are above. I love it and will cherish it for the rest of time on Earth until we meet in Heaven holding hands on the beach in Paradise. I love you and never will forget you and the gifts you gave all of us.

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  1. Scott, Being a little out of the social circle I just found out on Friday of Nicole’s passing and contacted Rob to see where I could contact you to send my condolences. I am sorry to hear of for your loss. I did meet Nicole many years ago after you had both met and remember your happiness at that time, and what a great thing that was to see. Cherish all of your memories and all that you have. Take care, my friend.

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