From Nicole and Jada’s Book Club Members

Hello. I’m speaking for Jada’s friends who are part of a Mother Daughter Book Club that started about 2 years ago.

This is what Jada and her friends and their moms do at the club. The hosting mother and daughter choose a book that everyone reads and in about 4-6 weeks, they have a get-together at the hosting mother and daughter’s house and discuss the book. The activities are usually answering questions, eating food and doing an activity that is all related to the book.

Jada’s friends in this club each wanted to share something they loved about Nicole:

“I remember our first day camping in Osoyoos a couple summers ago when Nicole, Jada and Brooke came looking for us on their Sea Doo.  I swam out to them and then Jada jumped off and we played in the warm water. Then Nicole and Brooke went and got Scott and everyone came back to hang out.  We saw them every day and hung out with them at their trailer.  We had fun at Rattlesnake Canyon and I remember after the power outage, we all went on the go-carts.  Nicole was cheering and screaming every time we went past each other and the lightning was flashing in the sky. Then we had ice cream. I’ll never forget, Osoyoos will always make me think of Nicole and make me happy.”

“I like all the books and activities that Nicole and Jada picked for Book Club. For Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, we coloured and painted shells because in the book the Japanese man taught the lost boy how to paint. For The Secret World of Og by Pierre Berton we had to dress up in green, eat cookies in the shape of fingers and speak in the Og language. It was funny. And we read Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret by Judy Blume. There are boys in the audience so I can’t tell you what we did but let’s just say the boys wouldn’t understand. For my turn I picked my favourite, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling. Nicole loved Harry Potter and she started reading the whole entire series like it was nobody’s business. I will miss having Nicole as part of Book Club.”

“I loved it when I would come over for sleepovers and we would all walk down to Tuscany Village and get movies and ingredients for sundaes. I remember one time when I came over and the movie we watched just ended. We turned on the lights and there was a HUGE spider on the wall. I didn’t believe everyone at first but when I looked over, there it was! Brooke, my sister, Jada and I screamed and ran upstairs. As soon as we passed the front door, Nicole came in the door and thought that we were screaming because we were excited to see her. We told her what was wrong and she didn’t believe us at first, so we showed her and she started screaming! She hit the spider with a magazine and it bounced off the wall on to the mattress but my sister said, “Don’t kill it!” So she moved it outside and it went away. I have lots of fun memories like that with Nicole.”

“I’ve been very lucky to have known Nicole for more than half of my life. She was a big part of our mother daughter book club. Nicole and Jada would always pick great books and activities. Kensuke’s kingdom was a beautiful story about friendship between an old man and a young boy named Michael. We got to talk about what made friendship important. The Secret World of Og was just so silly, so that was fun. When we read “Are you There God it’s Me Margaret we got to talk about growing up and when we had our meeting, the mom’s were able to tell us lots of stuff about their growing up too. The book club didn’t just bring us together; we made new friendships with not only the daughters but also the moms. Nicole was always smiling and happy, when the book club went to her house she was always a great host. I will remember Nicole as a friend who had a wonderful time living life, who had many good friends, and a fine family – and I don’t think anyone could ask for anything more than that, actually.”

The girls want you to know that they will continue with book club with Jada too and that Nicole will always be a part of book club. They know she will always be with them every time they meet.


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