From Father-in-law, Norm Thomson

Thank you, for being here today. Your presence represents the person Nicole is.

I am Norm Thomson, Scott’s father, and my wife’s name is Betty.  We have been the most fortunate people ever, to have welcomed this woman into our family.

Betty and I wish to give you a brief background of our experience with Nic, some thoughts and a few memories.

By now you will have heard how Nic and Scott met, magic.  We should mention that Dean, our oldest son, also met his wife Donna on a cruise.  When our youngest son Steve went on his cruise we waited with bated breath for him to arrive home.  He said the youngest available girl on his ship was approximately 74 years old.  But he didn’t need a cruise to meet his great lady.

When Scott brought Nicole home to introduce her to us, we were delighted, such an attractive girl and we were taken with her vivacious personality and how smart she was.  There were many weekend visits before Nic moved to Victoria and more after.  Our love, respect and admiration for her has grown over the years.  Nic was born on the 1st of August, the same day I was, but 35 years later, we thought this was great.

Over the years we have had many meals and outings with lots of laughter and good feelings.

When Nic and Scott moved into their home on Applewood, we realized Nic was now ready to guide her family’s destinies.

We have watched how Nic and Scott lovingly interacted with each other and with their girls; the hand holding, laughter, tears, cuddling, thoughts and guidance.  Then there’s Nic’s love for Pugs.  First there crazy Maggie, Nic, now cool Newman.  There was also Casper the white cat.

Nicole, as you have or will hear placed love, family, faith and friends as her priorities in life and followed these principles each and every day.


We feel that love is the glue that flows through your family and friends bringing all these people together in little and huge ways.  Nic your brand of love has done this for us all.  We love you Nic.


In Nic’s family there is her Mom and Dad, Carole and Tony Chartier and tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins.  On our side is Betty and myself, Scott, Brooke and Jada, our sons and daughter-in-laws, Donna and Dean and Colleen and Steve plus aunts, uncles and cousins.  When Brooke was born, Betty’s mother Joan was living with us, and was quite ill.   Brooke gave Joan so much joy in her final months.


Nicole didn’t wear her strong faith on her sleeve, saying she didn’t have to be in a church to believe.  God was with her no matter where she was.  She did attend church with her dad for years and from time to time went here.  Nic believed in her own way of slowly brought her family into her Christian faith.  Nature was the closest Nic felt to God and her faith.  She loved the outdoors, the beauty, the sounds and the wonderment of it all.  At times like this, faith can renew and be very meaningful.


When Nic moved to Victoria, the only people she knew were Scott’s friends, who welcomed her with open arms.  Over the years she met a tremendous amount of people through her work at Mayfair Dental, the 4H Club, the parents of Brooke and Jada’s friends, her Book Club with the girls, her running group and socializing with them all.  She never forgot her old friends from school and kept contact with them also.  As we look around today, it is amazing how one person can touch so many hearts in a good and loving way.

We wish to tell you about another Faith.  Faith Combs an amazing 14 year old girl.  Faith when she was 10 heard about a cancer patient and shaved her long locks sending the hair to Toronto to be made into wigs for persons who had lost their hair due to chemo treatments.  Faith’s grandmother Jeannie works at Mayfair Dental and told faith about Nicole.  Faith decided to again shave her blond waist length hair for wigs, in Nic’s honour.  In addition her family created shoe boxes with a message about Nic and took them to various Sidney businesses, to fund raise.  They raised about $1,600.00.  From these monies Faith took $75.00 to Toys r Us and purchased Christmas gifts.  She took these gifts to Victoria General’s pediatric ward, donating them in Nicole’s name.  The balance was placed into a trust account for Brooks and Jada.  When I asked Faith why she had done this, she replied she wanted to do something for Nicole.   Faith, is been raised in a good Christian family, we believe she going to be very successful and lead a rewarding life.  Thank you Faith, you are a beautiful person and may God bless you.


Nic’s smile.

Of course, our first introduction to Nic is near the top of our memories.

We think the night that Nic and Scott came upstairs to announce she was pregnant, is one of the best memories, bringing many hugs and tears.  Betty said when Nic had to go back to work she was quitting her job and wanted to stay home and look after the baby.  This was one of the happiest decisions in Betty`s life.

Then the joy when Nic had Jada, more hugs, and tears.  We now had double the enjoyment with the two girls.  Thank you, Nic and Scott, for trusting us to take care of your precious little ones.

We have many more memories, like our trip with them to Disneyland, we will take them all and squeeze them into a little bite, and place them in our hearts.  From time to time we will take one out and savour it.

However, I have one memory that I will carry forever.  Two nights before Nic passed, I walked over to her bed to say goodnight.  I placed a kiss on her forehead and said I love you.  I walked 7 feet to my coat, turned to her, and saw Nic`s lips move saying I love you too.  This moment  will be treasured forever.

We are thinking that we shouldn`t wait for dire circumstances to tell family and friends that we love them or indicate in some way we appreciate them.  Now to just do it, as Nic did!

Nic’s motto is right on: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you for being here today as your support, love and considerations help us all.

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