From Uncle, Stan Chartier

A Chartier Family Tribute To Nicole

I am NICOLE, SCOTT, BROOKE and JADA’s  uncle Stan.

I am honored to pay tribute to our niece on behalf of the Chartier Family, and be allowed to say a few words to celebrate the life of Nicole. Our hearts pour out to the family in there time of loss. The times  spent with Nicole will be cherished forever. I have known Nicole from the day she was born and realy enjoyed watching  her grow from a child to a young lady and a mother. there were family gatherings with Nicole and all her cousins. There was one christmas that comes to mind , twenty people one bathroom and one bowling ball, the rest was history. Camping and fishing weekends always proved to be eventful, as cousin Chad can attest to the rescue of him by Nic from an old out house hole. Chad first name for Nicole was ick to be followed by ichy and finally Nic protested by a young ich to her mother. Nics first fish was a whale of a catch or so you would beleve by the excitment for a quartier pound trout. Family gatherings at watch or green lakes were always fun filled weekends with nice frendly baseball games ha ha ,to Nic and Carol entering there own private sports from braiding hair to feeding the leaches. It seems Nic was loved by leaches and mosquitoes. Nic had a love of animals and i remember a trip of Nic and cousin Derrick to Houston and Nics enjoyment of the dogs cats and especially the horses which were always fun to ride whenever she wanted. Nic like all kids was not into trying new foods especially healthy ones and Tony would tell her dont knock it till you try it. well this backfired on Tony and myself one day as we watched Nic putting mustared on a peanut butter sandwich, we both said yuk and were promptlay  reminded everyone dont knock it till you try it. You know it is not bad. There are memories that Nics aunt Sharon will always cherish. like Nic being bridesmaid at her wedding and Nic picking Sharons birthday for her wedding day. Speaking of weddings , Nics was by no way a regular wedding, a rainy day to start but a great suney finish her chauffeur driven limo to the church to the unusual wedding car for those of you not there the limo was an old restored car the wedding car was an old ambulance complete with a working siren. Memories of Nic by her cousins Christie and Hans will be cherised . How Nic and Scott would have the starving students over for dinner and movie nights. Nic would proudly give all the credit to Scott, her personal chef, she would joke and then she would bring out desert, her deep delicious Duncan Heinz cake. She would joke that she baked, or not but definatly delicious. Their furry children, pugs Maggie and Nic and casper the cat would cuddle with us and soon they were preparing for Brooke to come along, it was an exciting time to watch them become parents. They made us feel like we were visiting our home away from home, we will cherish those memories always. My wife and I also enjoyed our visits to Nic and Scotts,thank you for making us feel welcome.

Nicole left us way to early but she did leave a huge legacy
Nic you left us Scott and two beautifull girls, Brooke and Jada.
Nic also left us the famous mustard and peanut butter sandwich, thanks for the countless memories.
Nic’s cousin Chad Chartier passed a message on from there grandfather to Nic and the rest of us.
The last time I saw grandpa he said  I will be waiting for you at the Gates of Heaven and there is a seat waiting for you at My table with the Lord.
Nic you are now in Heaven seated with Grandpa and Grandma and in their secure and loving arms.

Nic, we have one more huge favor to ask of you a request from all of us written by Christie Chartier


You are an angel so beautiful and strong and it is so hard to let you GO
but all your loved ones share this feeling, this I KNOW
We will grieve and miss you with each passing DAY
but will find comfort in the cherished memories we shared and remember you each in our own  WAY
Rest now knowing a piece of you will live on in your beautiful girls as they grow up and succeed in everthing they DO
and as they make you proud, we will be reminded of YOU
Our granpa said he will be waiting at Heavens Pearly GATE
we know that grandmas busy cooking and you have a dinner DATE
As grandpa says grace and you discuss all of Gods work to be done, now that you are ABLE
remember to save a seat for the rest of us at grandpas TABLE

Till we see you there
All our love ,
Christie, Chad and all the family

We want thank you Nic for being ther for us. Nic you will be sadley missed.


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